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Cultureshock is a creative media agency with over 15 years’ experience working with cultural institutions and their partners, including global brands, hotels and luxury lifestyle clients.

Our approach with each client is different and tailored to their specific requirements from the start. We offer a fully integrated multi-platform publishing service that encompasses design, content, filmmaking, print production and social media.

We work with our clients collaboratively across projects, but we are happy to offer sliding-scale support for specific platforms, based on client needs and budgets. We have more than 30 creative and publishing specialists in our London office, as well as representatives in LA and New York, many of whom have worked with some of the leading brands in the world.

Our Services

We work with our clients to realise their business aims. This involves media sales across a range of magazine titles as well as digital platforms. We also develop partnerships between brands and cultural institutions that are mutually beneficial. We strive to align the values of brands with the right cultural partners so that the audiences they are communicating with appreciate and engage in their conversations.
We believe that creative strategy is at the heart of our best work. The earlier we can begin working on an idea the better. To build communities through culture requires a deep understanding both of the cultural landscape as well as the mindset of those that occupy it. Fortunately we have both and between us we have enough experience to consistently deliver achievable and successful outcomes.
Content, editorial, words, spoken and written – it is behind everything we do. We have an incredibly experienced team of in-house journalists and editors as well as a wealth of freelancers to bring the right people for the job. We are always thinking about how we can take the ideas from the editorial board and layer each article, film, book, tweet, podcast and beyond, to communicate and connect with audiences in different places and at different times.
It’s not just about the content that matters but how that is presented and our design studio make sure that all our magazines, books, apps, social posts and films are consistent with our clients’ look and feel. We also do the brand work, coming up with the concepts and treatments that can be used across a campaign or for a specific product. The depth of experience in our design studio with major cultural institutions and brands is only matched by the breadth of work we do, everything from branding, logos, idents to magazines, books and we’ve even been known to do the odd slipper and vanity kit.
Our dedicated film team work in tandem with all our other departments to create rich and beautiful films that are produced to the highest standards. We work with the top museums, artists, curators, directors and brands around the world. We produce films that require an understanding of the subject matter as well as an ability to translate those stories to a wider audience. We’re always mindful of the viewer and have worked with many distribution partners, including British Airways and BBC Arts Online, to place what we produce for our clients on platforms that broaden the reach and impact of the films.

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