Seeing Through Light & Under the same sun

The Guggenheim is one of the pre-eminent constellations of cultural institutions in the world, with sites in New York, Venice, Bilbao and Abu Dhabi. It strives to engage with both local and global audiences through its architecturally and culturally distinct museums, exhibitions, publications and digital platforms. Cultureshock has worked on a couple of initiatives with the Guggenheim, targeting very different audiences in both instances.

Seeing Through Light
Guggenheim / Abu Dhabi Tourism & Culture Authority

Seeing Through Light was Guggenheim Abu Dhabi’s pre-opening exhibition. It unfolded over five sections that examined light in various iterations: Activated, Celestial, Perceptual, Reflected and Transcendent.

In April 2014, Cultureshock was asked to design a catalogue in Arabic and English, brochures, family activity packs and teachers’ resources to accompany the exhibition. We worked closely with the senior curator of the Guggenheim Museum in New York to ensure all material represented the organisation’s overall ethos of engaging with a new global audience of art and culture lovers.

Under the Same Sun
Guggenheim / UBS / South London Gallery

In the summer of 2016, the UBS Global Art Map Initiative touring exhibition, Under the Same Sun, with the support of the Guggenheim, came to the South London Gallery. The exhibition served as a showcase for Latin American art and this was the first European venue to feature the work. The Guggenheim was eager to connect with the local community as well as to communicate the project globally. We came up with a series of videos around the theme of South London Secrets, presented by local personalities from a range of different backgrounds. The project was a success with a boost in visitor numbers at the South London Gallery as well as national distribution on the BBC arts online website.

We also created an opening and closing trailer for the exhibition which Guggenheim used on their social media channels to promote the exhibition at South London Gallery.