Cultureshock is a creative media agency with over 15 years’ experience working with cultural institutions and their partners, including global brands, hotels and luxury lifestyle clients.

Our Approach

Our approach with each client is different and tailored to their specific requirements from the start. We offer a fully integrated multi-platform publishing service that encompasses design, content, filmmaking, print production and social media.

We work with our clients collaboratively across projects, but we are happy to offer sliding-scale support for specific platforms, based on client needs and budgets. We have more than 30 creative and publishing specialists in our London office, as well as representatives in LA and New York, many of whom have worked with some of the leading brands in the world.


Phone: +44 (0)20 77359263
Email: info@cultureshockmedia.co.uk
Address: 27B Tradescant Road, London, SW8 1XD

“The magazine that Cultureshock design, write and produce for us provides us with a unique platform to communicate with our customers. Over the past two years, Cultureshock have really taken on board the role as brand ambassadors, so they have a great understanding of the tone and look our brand needs to project, which makes the process and result so much more enjoyable….”

Anna Komanius, Director of Marketing and Communications, Cutler and Gross
Working with Cultureshock is vital for us – they help us to run Kew Magazine in the best and most cost-effective manner, provide cutting-edge design for both print and app magazines, and are always available to give great advice on current and future business.”
Christina Harrison, Editor, Kew Magazine
“Working with Cultureshock Media is easy; they understand the level of luxury we are looking for and are creative with their ideas while working with our brand and budget parameters. They take the time to really understand what we are looking for and are equally capable of producing high-quality pieces across all forms of media.”
Sarah Tobler, Marketing Manager, Grosvenor House Apartments by Jumeirah Living
“Cultureshock is committed to the highest commercial and editorial standards in all its work from films to magazines. It’s an indispensable part of the V&A team.”

Damien Whitmore, former Head of Public Affairs, Victoria and Albert Museum
Cultureshock excels in professionalism and creative integrity while attending project demands. The film team were brilliant during the whole run of the project, they took the Curator’s vision and Hardware Consultant suggestions on board and produced the exact AV content that we wanted for the exhibition. They have a unique creative and honest approach that embraces challenges with a positive attitude whilst being realistic with budgetary and resource restrictions. I truly enjoyed working with this team on Balenciaga: Shaping Fashion and I hope to be able to collaborate on new projects with them in the near future. Ana Belén Martínez, Exhibitions Manager, Victoria and Albert Museum
“Cultureshock work well with Caprice Holdings as they understand our guest profile, business and budgets. They took time to get to know us in their account management approach. The team and Phil in particular can also manage upwards and present well to all stakeholders required. They can also manage responsibly, turn projects around fast and take feedback constructively.”
Frances Dore, Director of Press and Marketing Global, Caprice Holdings